• Lisa Grace

New Beginnings at Spring Equinox

Where I live March is a fickle month. Some days are brutally cold with a wild wind that brings tears to your eyes, while others are full of bright sunshine, warm spots in windows, and melting snow. We are, at first, confused by the lengthening daylight. But then we are grateful, as we begin to feel the promise of the coming season. My partner and I remain vigilant, aware of the possibility of sudden snowstorms. We keep the generator on standby as we prepare for one more storm, one more power outage, before we can relax into the spring. In the meantime, we prepare the way, by planning the garden, and by getting projects in place for the warmer months ahead.

Spring Equinox, falling where it does for us, is very much a space between one season and the next. It is perfectly placed to represent not only the balance of the light and the dark, but also the transition from one space into another. It feels very liminal to me. The world is awakening but has yet to shake off its slumber. And while I try to wait, with grace, and try to appreciate the moment, I am also anticipating the greening of my world. Spring Equinox has become for me an exciting and a magical moment in the wheel of the year.

This balance between the dark and the light combined with the magic of the liminal space brings to my mind the God Mercury. This wonderous androgynous youth; magician of the tarot, messenger of the Gods, traveler between both the worlds of life and death, and those of Gods and man, perfectly encompasses the equinox for me.

Mercury in their dual aspect, male and female, is also representative of the two aspects found at the heart of dualism, that of the spirit or soul and the material world. This takes us into the realm of “Gnosis,” knowledge of the divine mysteries. In Gnosticism we focus on awakening the divine within. We are divine and material both, and to become whole we need to know our true combined nature.

This awakening, or consciousness, is a metaphor truly relevant to the Spring Equinox as the world is undergoing its annual re-awakening. A time of rebirth and of new beginnings. Therefore, we feel it is an auspicious time to launch this new endeavor. What we hope will be a labor of love in honor of our community. A little corner of the internet dedicated to both our siblings in the craft of the wise and to seekers searching for their spiritual home.

Welcome dear reader, many blessings to you this Equinox.

Lisa Grace

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