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We of the Wicca, children of the mysteries, find our tradition to be soulful, challenging, and ecstatic. Through our exploration of life, love, death, and rebirth, we find companionship, ecstasy, and a deeper knowledge; of ourselves, humanity, the world, and the divine. To us Wicca is precious and sacred, we feel protective of it, and share it willingly with those ready to approach the circle’s edge. 

Our experience of the craft and our siblings in the craft are that they are in the main accepting and open to LGBTQIA+ seekers and indeed there are many of us who are ourselves queer, trans, gay, lesbian, non-binary, bisexual, or asexual. We have deep experiences in candlelight in small groups, and large, alone under the moon, and under the sun. We deal in the dark, and the mysteries. And our Wicca has space for us, space for us to stretch and grow, to find and love ourselves, and to find and love those who share the circle with us, and those who are reborn to find us again.

The Wicca you will find in these pages is a craft practiced and interpreted in this modern time through the eyes of a diverse group of initiates. Wicca is a living and growing tradition. At its core are the celebration of the mysteries. You will find here a diversity of voices and opinions expressed by Wiccans whose gender identities, sexualities, race, cultural identities, and life experience enriches Wicca, expands our understanding of the mysteries, and deepens our experience of the divine.

We are representatives of the Gods. The Gods are representatives of humanity and we are all representatives of nature. Humanity, in its wonderful diversity, is the living embodiment of the sacred and the living embodiment of the mysteries. To that end all are welcome to our path and all should be celebrated within the circle, not just accommodated.

Initiatory Wiccan craft is open to those who seek us regardless of sexuality, gender, or race. How do we know? Because we are the living embodiment of the mysteries.